Jim Gordon arrives at Leslie Thompkins' residence in Atlanta with flowers. Walking up the steps of the house, Jim prepared to knock on the door before hearing laughing coming from inside. He then walked over to a window, witnessing Leslie kissing another man, to his dismay. Six months later, Mishkin Pharmacy Prescriptions was being robbed by a monster. Though the pharmacist, Alex, attempted to intervene armed with a shotgun, he was thrown out of the front window by the monster.

Outside, the monster walked out of the pharmacy following Alex, though he was confronted by Gordon. Using a metal baton, Jim attempted to subdue the monster, though his efforts initially failed. However, Jim was finally able to defeat the monster by pushing him into the street to be run over by an incoming truck. Later at the GCPD, Captain Barnes walked with a cane to the bullpen of the facility to address the press alongside Mayor Aubrey James. After recapping the events of the night, Barnes was questioned by Valerie Vale, a reporter for the Gotham Gazette. Barnes quickly defended the GCPD, stating that only a few of the Indian Hill escapees had been brought in by bounty hunters, and the rest were by GCPD officers. Mayor James then pointed out that the Indian Hill escapees themselves were victims of Hugo Strange.

Afterward, Detective Harvey Bullock attempted to convince Jim to return to the GCPD, though without any luck. Lucius Fox then arrived, informing Bullock of the drug the monster had been after in the pharmacy.